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 The future of TGC

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PostSubject: The future of TGC   Tue Mar 23, 2010 4:15 pm

Greetings TGC!

My name is Wex, and I am currently a member of The Space Covenant [TSC]. Recently there has been some chatter in my guild concerning you guys. I have to say honestly that one warrior to another, I do not envy your position. The prospect of Ghostship and/or FTW perma occ. you guys as you hit 30 must be daunting. affraid

From what I understand an offer of relocation aid has been made for any of those among you that wish to avoid this fate. Personally, I would opt to move, but then again I have already made the choice to move. I also began playing AE in E15 and once I joined TSC it became a point of contention between TSC and Ghostship so I know how you feel. Now however I am growing well outside of E15 without the looming threat of Ghostship/FTW over my head.

Please keep in mind that such a move may not hurt you as bad as you may imagine. If Ghostship gives you similar terms to mine you could scout a new galaxy. Once a suitable outpost has been found and developed your old astro in E15 could be disbanded. I know this isn't the best but its better than perma occ @ 30 right?

What do you guys think of the situation? Whatever your choices I personally wish you luck and honor in whatever trials may come your way!

- Wex, Commander in The Space Covenat
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The future of TGC
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